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Water Damage Dryout in Acworth
November 23rd, 2019
To dry out after water damage should always be top priority in a cleanup list. If you are able to dry items down within the next 48 hours or less, you should be able to save a lot of items and avoid the possibilities of rust and mold.
In the unlucky event, you will find yourself with the occurrence of water damage due to a broken pipe or flood inside your home. In that case, it is of great import to take the necessary quick action in order to prevent more damage into your dwelling. When your home gets damaged by a great amount of water, it is needful to keep in mind that a restoration and cleanup assistance straight from the professionals can be very useful. The professionals can simply decrease the chances of contamination, which would include harmful bacteria, fungus, or mold, that can draw serious health hazards or long lasting, if not permanent, property damage. There are many steps involved that you can actually take prior to getting in touch with a professional. Nevertheless, a professional restoration and cleanup company, Dry Force Water Damage will give your assurance that your home shall be restored.
The Process of Drying Out Water Damage
Let us tackle briefly the different steps involved in drying out water damage.
1. Moving air naturally
If the humidity is not that high, just simply open doors and windows to begin air circulation. Open cabinet and closet drawers. Don’t forget to remove the drawers, too.
2. Moving air mechanically
Buy or at least rent a high-powered set of fans to speed up the circulation of air. Depending on the power and size, fans can cost somewhere around 50 to 500 dollars to purchase, or 20 dollars for a day of renting. Make sure that you don’t use your own central air conditioning unit or furnace blower when HVAC ducts plunged into the water.
3. Dehumidifying
Getting a portable dehumidifier would be of the essence as it can take water vapor out from the air within a contained area, just like a downstairs rec room or a bedroom. Shut the doors and windows of the room in order to prevent greater amount of humidity from mustering. Purchase a big sized dehumidifier, which should cost you around 200 to 270 dollars. That way, you will not need to empty the water drawer that much anymore.
4. Pumping Water
In order to continuously move water away from the house, you will need a sump pump, a submersible pump that works as a pipe or hose. If you happen to have standing water running about several inches steep, it would be really helpful to have a sump pump. You can rent one for about 44 dollars a day. If not, you can purchase one at around 100 dollars or so.
5. Wet/Dry Shop Vac
There are shop vacs rated for application during wet conditions. These certain types of vacs are designed to suck water straight from the carpets, thus giving you a better chance to spare your walls and rugs. Do not just use an ordinary vacuum for the household that do not have innards designed to protect from water damage. A 7-gallon wet/dry vacuum should cost you no less then 50 dollars while a 16-gallon one would be right about 170.
6. Take Away Sodden Objects
Haul your furniture and wet rugs into the heat of the sun so as to diminish the level of moisture inside. Remove linoleum or sheet vinyl flooring in order to promote highest evaporation rate. Throw out wet crawl space insulation.
7. Get Moisture Absorbed
Desiccants such as silica gel, calcium oxide and clay, help absorb moisture as good as sponge. Put wet items and water-permeable desiccant packages inside airtight containers or within sealed areas such as closets. There are desiccants that change in color to indicate saturation, and it can take a couple days or even weeks. It would always depend on the amount of moisture each item contains.
So, these are all the necessary steps involved in effectively drying out water damage.
For the best professional services to dry out water damage Acworth homes may need from time to time, Dry Force Water Damage is an expert in the craft of restoring any home or building structure for that matter.
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